Tuition Refunds

To be eligible for a tuition refund, a student must officially withdraw through the Office of Admissions & Records and must complete a “Request for Refund” form. “Class Days” are defined as the days in which the College schedules classes for that semester, typically Monday through Saturday, and are computed beginning the first day of classes for the semester, regardless of how many times per week each class meets. After classes begin, and due to the costs incurred for materials and services regardless of student drops, certain course fees are not refundable; these include but are not limited to general service, program-specific, matriculation, and vehicle fees. Fees associated with on-campus living in residence halls are referenced in Administrative Procedure FG.1. In the event of a student's official withdrawal or reduction of hours carried, tuition and enrollment-based fees are refundable on the following prorated basis:

Refund of Tuition & Fees

Fall and Spring Semesters*
Prior to the semester start date 100%
During the first 15 class days 70%
During the sixteenth to twentieth class days 25%
After the twentieth class day None
Summer Semesters*
Prior to the first class day 100%
During the first five class days 70%
During the sixth and seventh class days 25%
After the seventh class day None

Tuition & fee refunds are issued to student, unless paid by a Third Party contract with a sponsor, donor, or scholarship, which will be refunded to that source. Refunds will be processed after the class census date, which varies based on length of class. Please check with the Office of Admissions and Records for refund dates when registering for classes.

There are no refunds on Test Fees.

*Some variances in refund dates may occur during semesters that vary from traditional semesters.

Return of Title IV Funds

Students who withdraw during the first 60% of each semester and who receive assistance from the Federal Student Aid programs, excluding Federal College Work study, will have some of their funds (unearned aid) returned to the federal programs. The student can be liable for a portion of this return. Prior to withdrawal, students should consult with the Student Financial Aid Office.