Room and Board

Navarro College has an 18-meal plan that provides three meals a day, Monday through Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday and a luncheon buffet Sunday. A 15-meal plan provides three meals a day, Monday through Friday. Housing alone is not available for students living in residence halls. Below is the cost per person per semester for room and meal plan. 

Meal Plan Room Charge  Tax Total Price
15 Meals - $1,230.17 $1,900.00  $101.49 $3,231.66
18 Meals - $1,476.21 $1,900.00  $121.79 $3,498.00
Buildings #30 & #32 Room Charge  Tax Total Price 
15 Meals - $1,230.17 $1,800.00  $101.49 $3131.66
18 Meals - $1,476.21 $1,800.00  $121.79 $3,398.00


No Refunds on Room Charges

The initial room and board payment must be made by the date published in the calendar. Room and board may be paid on the following schedule:

  • by published date
  • after 30 days
  • after 60 days

Summer semester rates are 3/4 of fall and spring rates (15 meal plan).

Housing Property Deposit $230 and Background Check Fee $10

All students planning to reside in college housing are required to pay a $230 deposit plus an additional $10 background processing fee and enroll as a full-time student at Navarro College. Refund of the original deposit is made for cancellation of an assignment when written notification is received by the dates noted below:

All residents with room assignments: August 1 for Fall
December 1 for spring

No refund of deposit will be made for cancellations received after these dates. All notices of cancellations must be in writing for refund purposes. Deposit refunds are made by check once the student has properly checked out of housing and made application for refund provided the student has no damages assessed and has no unpaid balance at the college. Applications for housing are available at  Students must be enrolled in 15 semester hours to be eligible to live in the residence halls.