John Deere Tech

Agriculture Mechanization

The Occupations

Service Technician

Shop Foreman

Service Manager

Customer Service Representative

About The Occupations

The technical revolution in the agricultural tractor and equipment industry has quickly changed the way service technicians perform their jobs. The rapid spread of the use of electronics and hydraulics in the industry has created a demand for technicians who are technically and academically prepared. Technicians must be prepared for updated training on new machines as they are introduced. John Deere dealers need technicians who understand good work ethics and are willing to accept change. The service department at most dealerships of today is responsible for the repair and maintenance on all equipment sold at that dealership. The success of any dealership depends on the efficiency of the service department employees. Service technicians perform assigned set-up, repair, and warranty jobs on agricultural machines, old and new. This work may be performed at the dealership or in the field. Shop foremen, depending on the structure of the service department, may schedule service jobs for service technicians or work as a technician while assisting other technicians in the service department. Managerial positions are open to individuals who develop the technical, organizational, communication, and social skills necessary to represent the dealership in a managerial position in the service department. Many dealerships also employ a customer service representative to promote the dealership with current and prospective customer interaction.

Work Environment


John Deere dealerships provide an excellent opportunity to continue employment after graduation because students perform a paid internship at a sponsoring John Deere dealership as part of the degree program. Graduates from this program typically work for John Deere dealerships but may also be employed by other agricultural equipment companies. Labor market Elementary Statistical Methods show an increasing demand for diesel mechanics.

Typical Schedule:

40-hour work week is normal

Overtime during the crop-growing seasons

Tools and Equipment:

Micrometers, dial indicators, hoists, flow meters, multimeters, laptop computers, lift trucks, cutting torches, and John Deere special tools necessary to perform service on equipment scheduled for repair.

Worker Portrait

Skills and Aptitudes:

Demonstrates dependable and responsible attitude

Works well under pressure

Communicates well

Concentrates despite distractions

Demonstrates good judgment and common sense

Understands what “doing the job right” means


Likes to work with hands

Enjoys helping people in need

Interested in working on a variety of products

Enjoys a variety of inside and outside work

Career Outlook

Outlook Occupation
Excellent Service Technician
Excellent Shop Foreman
Excellent Service Manager
Position Salary per Year
Service Manager Salaries depend on position region of state and nation
Shop Foreman Salaries depend on position region of state and nation
Service Technician Salaries depend on position region of state and nation

(Note: Individual earnings may vary based upon the job setting and position. These are ranges not guarantees of earnings.)

Degree Plans

Ag Mechanization Technology

Turf Power Equipment

Advanced (Agriculture) Technical Skills Certificate

Commerical & Consumer Equipment Maintenance Certificate

Diesel Engine Maintenance Certificate I

Diesel Engine Maintenance Certificate II