Basic Firefighter Certificate

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PROGRAM INFORMATION: This certificate program was developed to help prepare students for a career as a professional firefighter. The Navarro College Fire Academy meets the curriculum requirements for certification as a basic firefighter for the State of Texas through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Notice to Students Regarding Licensing - Fire

Effective September 1, 2017, HB 1508 amends the Texas Occupations Code Section 53 that requires education providers to notify you a potential or enrolled student that a criminal history may make you ineligible for an occupational license upon program completion. The following website provides links to information about the licensing process and requirements.

Should you wish to request a review of the impact of criminal history on your potential Fire Suppression Certification prior to or during your quest for a degree, you can visit this link and request a “Criminal History Evaluation.”

This information is being provided to all persons who apply or enroll in the program with notice of the requirements as described above, regardless of whether or not the person has been convicted of a criminal offense. Additionally, HB 1508 authorizes licensing agencies to require reimbursements when a student fails to receive the required notice.

Required Courses

FIRS 1301Firefighter Certification I


FIRS 1407Firefighter Certification II


FIRS 1313Firefighter Certification III


FIRS 1319Firefighter Certification IV


FIRS 1323Firefighter Certification V


FIRS 1329Firefighter Certification VI


FIRS 1433Firefighter Certification VII


FIRS 1191Orientation


Total Credit Hours:24

Note: Night students take two semesters to complete.

A criminal background check and a drug screening are required of all Protective Services students enrolling in programs. A student convicted of a felony and/or misdemeanor offense may or may not be eligible for participation and/or state certification. Any student who has a positive drug screening must follow the policies of speaking with a Medical Review Officer and may, or may not, be dismissed from the program.

Students pursuing the Fire Academy should check with Financial Aid regarding details of Aid for all seven classes of the Academy. Program registration requirements, length, and mandatory uniform information can be obtained from the College’s website or the Protective Services Office.