Computer Information Technology

The Occupations

Computer Network Support Specialist

Computer User Support Specialists

Database Administrators

Software Developers, Applications

Web Developers

About The Occupations

Computers have become essential to all phases of modern life including traditional areas of business and science, as well as applications in entertainment and personal life. The most crucial element of any computer system is the person operating it. The computer field includes an ever-growing array of occupations. Three important jobs are programmers, microcomputer support specialists, and information technology specialists.

Computer programmers convert project specifications from end-users and statements of problems and procedures to detailed, logical flow charts for coding into computer language. They develop and write computer programs to store, locate, and retrieve specific documents, data and information.

Computer support specialists provide technical assistance and training to computer systems users. They investigate and resolve computer software and hardware problems of users. They answer client inquiries in person, and by telephone, and by e-mail concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, word processing, programming languages, electronic mail, and operating systems.

Information technology specialists are proficient with application software commonly used in the workplace. This includes word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation software and operating systems. Information technology specialists support the day-to-day operation of typical business activity in numerous fields.

Work Environment


Advertising services

Health services and professions

Educational institutions

Financial institutions

Governmental entities

Manufacturing businesses

Data processing and information services

Public utilities

Wholesale and retail enterprises

Typical Schedule:

40-hour work week normal

Occasional overtime

Shift and part-time work possible

Telecommuting is becoming more common for some computer professionals, including programmers and specialists

Tools and Equipment:

Computers and related equipment

Technical manuals

Computer reports and graphs

Worker Portrait

Skills and Aptitudes:

Works well independently and with others

Concentration and the ability to think logically

Tenacity and patience

Ability to attend to exacting analytical detail

Works well under pressure

Ingenuity and imagination in problem solving

Ability to communicate with non-technical personnel

Ability to work with abstract concepts and do technical analysis


Lifelong learning

Enjoys problem-solving

Embraces technical advancements

Career Outlook

Outlook Occupation
Stable Information Tech Specialist
Excellent Computer Programmer
Excellent Computer Support Specialist
Position Avg. Salary
Computer Network Support Specialists $29,400-$85,800
Computer User Support Specialists $27,400-$85,800
Database Administrators $40,800-$114,000
Software Developers, Applications $55,900-$133,800
Web Developers $46,000-$124,800

(Note: Individual earnings may vary based upon the job setting and position.)

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Degree Plans

Computer Information Technology – A.S. (Business Emphasis Transfer Program)

Computer Information Technology – A.S. (Engineering and Scientific Emphasis)

Computer Information Technology – A.A.S. (Computer Application Support Technician)

Computer Information Technology – A.A.S. (Computer Programmer / Software Developer)

Computer Application Technology Support Certificate

Computer Information Technology Certificate

Computer Information Technology Programming Certificate

Computer Information Technology Web Developer Certificate

Software Development Certificate