RNSG 1517 Concepts of Nursing Practice I For Articulating Students

4 lec/2 lab (5 Cr.) Provides the articulating LVN student the opportunity to examine the role of the professional nurse; a systematic problem solving process, and critical thinking skills. The focus is on the adult population; and competency in knowledge, judgment, skill, and professional values within a legal/ethical framework. Prerequisites: 24 hours of general education courses specified on degree plan: (BIOL 2401, BIOL 2402, BIOL 2420, PSYC 2301, PSYC 2314, ENGL 1301, SPCH 1311 or 1315). Co-requisite: RNSG 1262.






Summer Only

Course Fee

ATI testing fee: $264, Health professions fee: $80, Lab fee: $24