RNSG 1262 Clinical - Nursing Practice I For Articulating Students

6 external hours (2 Cr.) (16 hours a week) Clinical experience involving direct patient/client care in selected clinical facilities. The student will be expected to begin the application of the concepts and skills of the associate degree nurse with adult as well as begin to demonstrate professional registered nurse-level legal and ethical behavior, safety practices, interpersonal and teamwork skills, and appropriate communication. Twenty-four (24) hours of general education courses specified on degree plan: (BIOL2401, BIOL2402, BIOL2420, PSYC2301, PSYC2314, ENGL1301, SPCH13ll or 1315). Co-requisite: RNSG 1417.






Summer Only

Course Fee

Clinical travel fee: $15, Health professions fee: $40