Credit by Examination

When a student feels he or she possesses knowledge equivalent to that required for the successful completion of a certain course offered by Navarro College, the student may receive credit for the course by satisfactorily completing the appropriate examination and payment of the appropriate fee. Examinations are open to all students who have been accepted for enrollment at the college. Students who achieve a satisfactory score on the examination will have the course and earned credit recorded on their transcript after completion of twelve (12) semester hours in residence at Navarro with a grade-point-average of 2.0 or better. Credit earned through this program is awarded on a pass/fail basis only. Students are not permitted to receive credit by examination for courses in which they have previously earned a passing grade or previously attempted to obtain credit by departmental exam. Two types of examinations are available. The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a national program that offers students an opportunity to obtain credit in certain courses. Intensive reading, on-the-job experience or continuing education courses may have prepared the student to earn college credit in this manner. For courses not covered by CLEP, departmental examinations may be available for college credit. Students desiring to challenge a course by a departmental examination must request permission to test from the appropriate dean. If the course is approved for challenge by departmental examination, the dean will:

  1. Direct the student to the Office of Admissions and Records to complete a Request to Challenge Course form.
  2. Notify the testing center and arrange a date for the test to be administered.

The student will:

  1. Complete the Request to Challenge Course form
  2. Take the completed form to the Cashier's Office to pay the testing fee,
  3. Take the completed form and paid receipt to the testing center at the scheduled test time arranged by the dean.

The dean will forward test results to the Office of Admissions and Records for student notification and posting to the Navarro College transcript. A listing of courses that may be challenged by CLEP or departmental exams, together with forms to request a challenge, are available in the Testing Center.