Articulated Credit

Articulated credit may be available for some workforce education courses that students completed while in high school. Through localized articulation agreements, a written, formal document that specifies the process by which a high school student may earn college credit through successful completion of certain high school courses where students achieve learning outcomes, skills and abilities comparable to those covered in a college course. The process allows high school students to move smoothly into postsecondary education without experiencing delay or duplication of courses. Generally, the college credit is not awarded until the student is enrolled at the college issuing the articulation agreement and until the student has satisfactorily completed a designated number of credit hours or terms.

Award of articulated college credit will occur after the student meets the following criteria:

  1. Makes application and enrolls at Navarro College
  2. Provide high school transcript and proves attended service area school.
  3. Successfully completes 12 college hours with a “C” or better grade point average.
  4. Request of credit must be within 12 months after high school graduation.

Evaluation of the articulated credit procedures should be addressed to the Office of Admissions & Records.