Minimum Standard of Work

A cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale is required for a student to graduate from any degree or certificate program within the college. Because it is necessary for a student to maintain this average in order to graduate, a 2.0 GPA is considered the minimum standard of work at Navarro College. Failure to maintain this minimum standard results in a student being placed on Academic Probation.  If the student’s academic performance is not satisfactory during the probationary period, the student will be placed on Academic Suspension for one regular semester. Scholastic Standards are defined as follows:

  • Good standing:  The good standing is awarded to students maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and who complete at least one course each semester/session of enrollment.
  • Academic Probation:  Failure to maintain a 2.0, “C” cumulative grade-point average, will result in the student being placed on Academic Probation for the next semester enrolled. A student may remove himself/herself from Academic Probation by bringing his/her cumulative grade-point average to a 2.0 or better.
  • Academic Suspension:  Should the student earn less than a 2.0 grade-point average for two semesters of enrollment and have less than a 1.5 grade-point average for the most current semester, the student will be placed on Academic Suspension for one regular semester (fall or spring).

It is the responsibility of the student to know whether the minimum standard of work requirement has been satisfied and whether he or she is eligible to continue enrollment in the college. An ineligible student who nevertheless registers may or may not be dropped by the college and shall not be entitled to special consideration on a plea of lack of knowledge of scholastic status.  Students on financial aid who fail to meet the minimum standard of work may risk financial aid eligibility. Additionally, students who have attempted 30 credit hours of developmental coursework become ineligible to receive federal aid.

Some programs with special admission requirements may have more stringent GPA requirements.