Grade Points

Students earn grade-point values in courses in which they make satisfactory grades.

The letter grade "A" earns four grade points for each semester hour. A grade of "B" earns three points. A "C" earns two points, while a "D" earns one point for each semester hour. No points are allowed for an "F", "l", "W', "P", or "S" grade. “CR" grades due to valuated credit are not calculated as part of the student's grade-point average.

A student can determine his or her grade points in a course by multiplying the semester hour value of the course by the grade-point value of the grade received.

For example, if the student is enrolled in a three-semester-hour course and makes a "B", nine grade points have been earned.

To determine the grade-point average, a student adds all the grade points earned and divides the total by the total number of semester hours that he or she attempted. If 15 semester hours were attempted, for example, and 30 grade points were earned, this would result in a 2.0 grade-point average, the equivalent of a "C" average.

Courses in which the student received a grade of "W' or "P" are not included in hours attempted. Grades from developmental studies are calculated into the student's grade-point-average for purposes of athletic eligibility, scholastic suspension and financial aid eligibility.

These grades are not included in the calculation for graduation.

As part of the student's grade-point average at graduation, Navarro College does not calculate grade points earned at other institutions except when considering graduation with honors.