The Occupations


Small Business Owner/Manager

Production Controller

Restaurant and Food Service Managers

Retail Sales Worker Supervisors and Managers Meeting, Event and Convention Planner Convention Manager

Shipping and Transportation Managers

Warehouse Supervisor

About the Occupations

Management is the process of coordinating and integrating work activities so they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people to accomplish organizational goals. The many job titles of managers reflect either the specific responsibility of a position or the industry in which the man- ager works. Supervisors direct the activities of their employees and make sure the work is done correctly, teach employees safe work practices, train new workers to learn different aspects of the job, interview and terminate employees, and help ensure that equipment and materials are used properly and efficiently. Small business managers run businesses that have less than 55 employees. Restaurant and food service managers help ensure effective and profitable operation of restaurants and institutional food service facilities. Retail sales worker supervisors and managers help ensure customers receive satisfactory service and quality goods. Meeting, event, and convention planners develop programs, market events or conventions, budget the event, choose locations, make travel arrangements, arrange entertainment, plan menus and choose caterers. Shipping and transportation managers directly supervise and coordinate activities of transportation and material-moving machine and vehicle operators.

Work Environment


Service companies

Wholesale and retail firms

Industrial and manufacturing companies


Government and not-for-profit organizations

Typical Schedule:

Normal Work Week: 40-50 hours

Normal Work Days: weekdays

Some shift work in manufacturing/services

Some overtime/weekend/night work

Tools and Equipment:

Financial statements/inventory records

Production reports/sales reports

Work schedules/human resource records Inventory reports/budgets Computers/various software

Telephones/fax machines

Worker Portrait

Skills and Aptitudes:

Motivates and maintains high employee morale

Good oral and written skills

Good organizational and time management skills

Exercises ethical behavior

Ability to approach various situations logically/objectively

Ability to make decisions and follow through with actions


Enjoys variety/changing environment

Enjoys leading people to success

Likes to motivate people to achieve organizational success

Enjoys leading and working with diverse groups

Career Outlook

Outlook Occupation Avg. Salary
Good Production Controller $32,500-35,520
Good Purchasing Agent $24,400-50,400
Good Sm. Bus.Manager $21,500-50,600
Good Supervisor $15,360-43,200
Evolving Convention Planner $46,490

(Note: Individual earnings may vary based upon the job setting and position. These are ranges not guarantees of earnings.)

Sources of occupational information include the Bureau of Labor Elementary Statistical Methods, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Americas Career Information Net, and the Emerging and Evolving Occupations in Texas (SOICC)

Degree Plans

Business – A.S.

Business Administration – A.A.S.

Customer Service Certificate

Management Certificate for MSSLC Workers

Supervisor’s Certificate I

Supervisor’s Certificate II