Individualized Degree Plans

The degree requirements outlined in this publication are intended to provide general information for students who are seeking a college degree. Navarro College emphasizes the importance of individualized attention so that each student may realize his or her academic goals with a minimum of problems or delay. It is essential that students work closely with their college and career success coaches to establish a plan of educational objectives. The Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), and Associate of Science degree plans in this catalog serve as a guide for students planning to transfer to a senior level institution. Students should select courses from these plans based upon the requirements of the senior level institution to which they plan to transfer. Students must complete the 42- hour general education core and an additional 18 hours of academic work to receive the AA, AAT, or AS degrees. Substitutions for any course in an AA, AAT, or AS degree may be made only with the approval of the Executive Dean of Academic Studies. Students seeking the Associate of Applied Science degree or certificate must complete the courses outlined in the degree plan section of this publication. Substitution for any course in the AAS degree or certificate requires prior approval of the Executive Director of Workforce, Career & Technical Education. Students desiring to transfer coursework to Navarro College to be applied toward a degree or certificate must have their transcripts evaluated by the Registrar’s Office. Students are then notified in writing by the Registrar’s Office concerning the status of the transfer credit. Quantitative and qualitative limitations determining the acceptability of transfer work are available from Academic Advising or the Registrar’s Office.