Rules and Regulations

All Navarro College students, personnel, college representatives, and visitors taking part in college-sponsored activities have the responsibility to comply with all rules and regulations established by the Board of Trustees and state and federal laws as they exist or may be subsequently enacted and adopted.  The Board of Trustees has the right to establish and cause the enforcement of policies that it deems appropriate in order for administrators to operate the college in a lawful and orderly manner.  No group can supersede this right of the Board of Trustees.  All officers commissioned by the governing board of a state institution of higher education may be empowered by the board to enforce rules and regulations promulgated by the board.

As stated in Code, “Nothing in this subchapter is intended to limit or restrict the authority of each institution to promulgate and enforce rules and regulations for the orderly conduct of the institution in carrying out its purposes and objectives or the right of separate jurisdiction relating to the conduct of its students and personnel” (Article 51.210, Higher Education Code).  “It is unlawful for any person to trespass on the grounds of any state institution of higher education of this state or to damage or deface any of the buildings, statues, monuments, memorials, trees, shrubs, grasses, or flowers on the grounds of any state institution of higher education” (Article 51.204, Higher Education Code).  “The governing board of a state institution of higher education or its authorized representatives may refuse to allow people having no legitimate business to enter on property under the board’s control, and may eject any undesirable person from the property on his refusal to leave peaceably on request.  Identification may be required of any person on the property” (Article 51.209, Higher Education Code).

These principles in no way negate the right of any person or group to present in an orderly manner, through the proper channels of communications, suggestions and/or proposals that properly fall within one's area of concern, nor are these rules intended to deny the lawful exercise of constitutional rights.