Non-Credit/Auditing of Courses

Individuals who wish to observe a college course may register as a non-credit/audit student. Non-credit/audit students do not receive college credit but do pay the same tuition and fees as if they were taking the course for credit. The student is not required to take tests, turn in papers, or attend classes, and the student may not receive credit for the course unless the student repeats the course for credit.

A non-credit/audit student must be eligible for admission to the College. The use of laboratory equipment, supplies, and participation in fieldwork by the non-credit/audit student will be determined by the faculty member. The faculty member is not obligated to take any papers or examinations from the non-credit/audit student. In general, the most appropriate courses for non-credit/audit are lecture courses; however, noncredit/audit students may not be accepted into certain courses because of space limitations, course prerequisites or requirements, or the nature of instruction. The student must obtain permission from the course faculty member and appropriate Dean who has authority to grant students permission to audit particular courses.

Permission to audit performing and activity courses will not be granted. Students may enroll to audit a course only during late registration. A student may not change from credit to non-credit/audit or from non-credit/audit to credit after the scheduled late registration period. No refunds of tuition and fees will be made to a noncredit/audit student who withdraws or drops a class.