“I” Grade Removal and Grade Change Limitation

A grade of “I” (incomplete) may be awarded to a student at the instructor’s discretion when an unforeseen, documented emergency or other documented extenuating circumstance the instructor deems appropriate prevents the student from completing the work in a course.  Examples of extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to:

  • Severe illness
  • Death of a close relative
  • Pregnancy
  • Job related travel that could not be rescheduled
  • Military Duty

In order to receive an “I” for the course, the student must have successfully completed at least 70% of the course work with a passing grade. An Incomplete Grade Contract will be completed by the instructor, approved by the appropriate Dean, and signed by the student with documentation attached explaining the emergency.  The contract will outline the coursework the student must accomplish in order to complete the course and receive a final grade. If the work required to remove the “I” grade is not completed by the last class day of the subsequent long semester following the semester in which the student received the grade of “I,” the “I” grade will become an “F” grade. Once the contract has been submitted, the student may not be withdrawn from the course.  With the exception of the “I” grade, no grade may be changed 30 days after the close of a semester.