Disclosure of Consumer Information

Navarro College, in compliance with Title IV requirements for participation in federal financial aid programs, makes available to any prospective or enrolled student and current or prospective employee the following information:

  • Campus Security Report – Navarro College is committed to providing a safe environment for students to learn and staff to work, and in keeping parents, students and employees well informed about campus security.  A copy of the Navarro College campus security report is readily available in various locations on campus and from the NC Department of Public Safety.
  • Information on Financial Assistance – Navarro College wishes to assist all prospective and current students in obtaining financial assistance while attending college.  NC provides financial assistance information including aid available, how to apply for aid, how financial aid is disbursed, and the criteria for measuring satisfactory academic progress in person and through publications located in the financial aid office and on the financial aid website.
  • Student’s Rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) – Navarro College publishes in the college catalog information concerning student records maintained by the college and the release of that information.  (See Family Rights and Privacy Act).
  • Information About the Athletic Program – Navarro College maintains current information about the athletic program participation rates, financial support, and student completion rates.  Athletic program information is available from the office of the athletic director.
  • Completion or Graduation Rate – Navarro College, in compliance with the Student Right-To-Know Act, makes available to any prospective or enrolled student its completion or graduation rate. This information is available upon request from the Office of the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Effectiveness.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information – Navarro College, in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (Public Law 101-226), provides information to students, faculty, and employees concerning how to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Information for students may be found in the Counseling Center and for employees may be found in the Human Resources Office.