Classroom Decorum

Navarro College seeks to promote a teaching and learning environment free from material and substantial classroom disruptions. Faculty have the authority and responsibility to effectively manage their classroom environments. Faculty may determine the time and manner for student questions and expression of points of view in the instructional setting. 

Accordingly, instructors should establish, communicate and enforce reasonable rules of classroom behavior and decorum via the syllabus and classroom discussion. These procedures are not intended to discourage appropriate classroom expression, discussion, or disagreement, but to promote respectful interactions. 

Rules and expectations for the instructional setting should be established by the faculty member and communicated to the students via the course syllabus and classroom discussion at the beginning of the course. Such rules may contain reasonable restrictions in light of the instructional setting, teaching method, and learning objectives.  They also may vary depending upon the educational context and class syllabi. 

Disruptive behavior is prohibited.  "Disruptive behavior" means conduct that interferes with or obstructs the teaching or learning process in the context of a classroom or educational setting, including conduct that distracts or intimidates others in a manner that interferes with instructional activities, fails to adhere to a faculty member's appropriate classroom rules or instructions, or interferes with the normal operations of the college.  Faculty are the authority in the classroom and make the final determination of what is considered appropriate behavior. 

Faculty who experience disruptive behavior in the classroom should email the student to identify the prohibited behavior that occurred, the rules that were violated, and the behavior that is required in the future.  

If the disruptive behavior is serious or severe, the faculty member should immediately contact the dean or police, as appropriate. 

The faculty member must document the severe disruptive behavior in writing by emailing the academic or instructional dean. 

The documentation should also include a copy of the email(s) provided to the student.