Student Load

The normal load for a student is five courses exclusive of kinesiology, College Success Skills, and applied music. A regular full-time student is defined as a student who takes a minimum of 12 semester hours in a fall or spring semester and one who takes a minimum of six (6) semester hours during a six (6) week summer session. Students may take up to 19 semester hours in a fall or spring semester, up to 14 semester hours in a 12 week session, up to nine (9) semester hours in an eight (8) week semester, and up to seven (7) semester hours in a six (6) week summer term, not to exceed 14 semester hours for the entire summer. Students may only enroll in one course in a three (3) week mini-term. Exceptional students, whose grade point average exceeds 3.0, may take up to 21 semester hours in a fall or spring semester.  Approval of a student overload must be in writing from the appropriate executive dean. The course load of a student on probation may be limited to 16 semester hours. Students enrolled in developmental studies classes may be similarly required to limit their course load.