Student / Instructor Conflict Resolutions

If a student feels an instructor has treated him or her unfairly, the student should take the following steps to resolve the issue. The college believes that matters involving an instructor and students are best resolved at that level; therefore the following procedures are recommended.

  1. The student should first meet with the instructor to discuss the issue or concern. This approach ensures the instructor is aware of the issue/concern and provides an opportunity for resolution.
  2. If after meeting with the instructor, the student feels the issue has not been resolved, he/she should next meet with the appropriate dean for further discussion. The instructor or the Office of Admissions and Records can provide the name of the appropriate dean.
  3. If the student continues to believe the issue/concern remains unresolved, the student may meet with the appropriate executive dean.
  4. The expectation is that the issue/concern involving an instructor and student will be resolved by the time it reaches the executive dean. However, if necessary the student may continue to pursue the issue with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

 As referenced in the Student Grievances Procedures, the role of the District President in these procedures is not to decide the case or appeal thereof, but merely to determine whether the administrative chain of command has adhered to Navarro College procedures. 

NOTE: Under certain circumstances students may not be allowed to continue in class until the grievance or appeal is resolved.