Child Development

The Occupations

Childcare Director

Childcare Teacher

Childcare Assistant

Childcare Worker

School Teacher Aide


About the Occupations

Child development teachers provide valuable experiences that enhance the lives of the most important people in the world, our children. The early childhood worker provides care for children such as feeding, diapering, and comforting, as well as programs to stimulate children’s social and intellectual development.

Work Environment


Private homes

Day care centers and nursery schools

Head Start programs

Public or private schools, churches, or recreation centers

Company-sponsored programs

Day care home providers

Preschools for special-needs children

Inclusive preschools

Typical Schedule:

Child development workers typically work weekdays on a 35-40 hour schedule. There may be occasional night work.

Tools and Equipment:

Games, pencils, pens, paper, Crayons

Teacher supplies

Workbooks and other teaching equipment

Worker Portrait

Skills and Aptitudes:

Childcare workers need to be kind, patient, dependable, and emotionally stable. They should relate well with children and enjoy art, music, storytelling, and drama. They need to be creative and imaginative with a good sense of humor and an enthusiastic personality. They need to be able to provide fair, firm discipline when necessary. They should enjoy working with children and helping others. Childcare workers must be able to follow governmental standards and regulations.


Enjoys working with children and helping others

Enjoys variety

Enjoys doing valuable work for society

Career Outlook

Outlook Occupation Avg. Salary
Good Childcare Directors $9,984-$16,640
Good School Teacher Aides $8,840-$20,400
Excellent Nannies $10,192-$14,310
Excellent Childcare Workers Varies

(Note: Individual earnings may vary based upon the job setting and position. These are ranges not guarantees of earnings.)

Sources: AED Foundation, DISCOVER, The Occupational Outlook Handbook, Bureau of Labor Elementary Statistical Methods

Degree Plans

Child Development – A.A.S.

Child Development Certificate