Petroleum Technology

The recent oil and gas boom throughout Texas, nationally, and internationally, has resulted in increased demand for workers to fill lease operator and related positions. However, companies in the oil and gas industry report condensable difficulty recruiting qualified individuals to fill open positions (lease operators) in the industry. According to the company personnel, this trend in industry growth and personnel shortage is expected to continue. Competition for qualified workers will continue to increase especially in rural counties where oil and natural gas production is growing. Industry partners such as Encana Oil, and XTO Energy have teamed up for employment in these counties and throughout Texas.

Industry partners, oil and gas companies, indicate that starting salaries range from the upper $40,000 to $60,000 annually.

Navarro College has instituted an oil and gas education training program that includes a two-year Associate in Applied Science Degree and one-year Certificate program. The two-year Associate Degree includes specific technology related courses and academic courses. The one-year Certificate program focuses only on the oil and gas technology courses and does not include English, Basic Mathematics, History, Government, and similar courses.

Graduates from these programs will be responsible for operating oil and gas wells, pipelines, and gas plants. They will be required to perform basic maintenance and equipment repair. They must ensure that all regulatory and environmental standards are strictly adhered to and appropriate records are maintained.

Both the Associate Degree program and the Certificate program require graduates to complete an intern program prior to graduation. Some companies only accept graduates with an Associate Degree, while other will accept graduates from the certificate program. The intern program requires the student to compete direct work in the industry with reports of the work accomplished being submitted by both the student and the sponsoring company supervisor. Two credit hours of academic credit are awarded for the intern work. Several intern positions are paid positions from the sponsoring companies.

In addition to the oil and gas certificate program, Navarro College has instituted a Certificate program in Automation that concentrates on the electronics measurement aspects of the oil and gas industry. The Automation Certificate program is a one-year certificate with many of its courses also being available to students in the basic oil and gas programs.

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