Health Professions

The Occupations

Registered Nurse (ADN)

LVN – RN Bridge

Licensed Vocational Nurse

AS in Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Medical Laboratory Technology

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistant

About The Occupations

Health Professions offers many exciting and rewarding career opportunities. At Navarro College, we provide students with several avenues to assist in their pursuit of a career in health professions. Nurses, both RNs and LVNs, make up the largest portion of health care providers. The demand for nurses is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations. RNs provide direct patient care, assist physicians with procedures, and provide supervision for other health care workers. LVNs provide basic bedside care, perform procedures and treatments, assist RNs and physicians in providing care and treatments, perform procedures in physicians’ offices, and may provide supervision for nursing assistants and aides in long-term care facilities.

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. They examine and analyze body fluids and cells. They examine specimens for bacteria, parasites or other micro-organisms; analyze the chemical content of fluids; match blood for transfusions, and test for drug levels in the blood. The MLT field is rated in the top 20 best jobs.

Occupational Therapy Assistants and Physical Therapist Assistants may work with individuals who seek to maximize the functional areas of their lives or are limited by physical disease or injury, psychological or social dysfunction, developmental or learning disabilities, or other disorders, trauma, or conditions.

Career Outlook

Outlook Occupation Average Salary
Excellent Registered Nurse $40,000-80,000
Excellent Licensed Vocational Nurse $28,000-38,000
Excellent Medical Laboratory Technician $41,398
Excellent Occupational Therapy Assistant $50,000+
Excellent Physical Therapist Assistant $50,000+

Sources: U.S. Department of Labor Elementary Statistical Methods and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Degree Plans

Registered Nurse Associate Degree Nursing

LVN to RN Bridge Option

Licensed Vocational Nursing

Medical Laboratory Technology

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Physical Therapist Assistant

Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing