Navarro College Awards

Navarro College Piper Professors

Navarro College has had six faculty members recognized for outstanding achievement in the teaching profession with the prestigious Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award. This award is granted annually from among nominees from all accredited colleges and universities in Texas. The Navarro College Piper Professors are:

Margaret Pannill, English, 1961

Lucile M. Boyd, Languages, 1971

Geraldine Johnston, English, 1978

H. McAfee Daniel, English, 1986

Richard E. Miller, Ph.D., Psychology/Sociology, 1989

Tommy W. Stringer, Ph.D., History, 1994


Navarro College Professor Emeriti

James Chapman, Government

H. McAfee Daniel, English

Sandra Dowd, Art

Sheila Herod, Music, 2009

Dr. Tommy Stringer, History, 2019


Navarro College President, Board of Trustees, and Administration Emeriti

Dr. Richard Sanchez, District President, 2018

Dr. Kenneth Martin, President of Ellis County  Campuses, 2018

Homer Gene Wasson, Navarro College Trustee Chairman, 2019

Dr. Larry Reed, Vice President, 2006