Mission, Vision and Values


Navarro College provides educational opportunities that empower students to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals and that promote life-long learning for all communities served.


Navarro College will be nationally recognized as a higher education institution committed to providing innovative career pathways and student-centered learning opportunities that result in students capable of succeeding in local and global communities.


Integrity: actively building open relationships with students, employees, local business, and local communities. Serving all people we touch with a strong sense of ethics and personal and organizational responsibility.

Diversity: fostering acceptance, multi-dimensional thinking, and respect and understanding the different experiences of all people. We know we are stronger for who we are together—as a college, as a community, as a culture, as part of a global village.

Innovation: leadership invested in guiding and embracing change, seeking creative ways to tackle educational challenges. We encourage students and employees to be agents for change, championing new ideas informed by personal reflection, trends in education, and changes in local and global community.

Student Centeredness: placing students at the heart of all we do, with an emphasis not only on excellence and learning, but, also, with a profound appreciation of personal, familial, economic, and civic responsibilities impacting our students and communities.

Accountability: honoring commitments to students, educational partners, workforce partners, and the communities we serve. We intentionally foster respect, citizenship, civic responsibility, and humanitarianism as both individuals and an institution.