Division of Continuing Education

The Navarro College Division of Continuing Education is designed to fill a need in the community for lifelong learning and career training. Continuing education courses are open to interested individuals 18 years of age or older regardless of educational background. Classes are available on a flexible schedule and are not necessarily tied to standard semester dates. Continuing education classes address professional updating, personal enrichment, recreation, or special certifications. Registration for these classes is ongoing and may continue from the time a class is announced right up to the day the class begins. Enrollment may be limited; therefore, pre-registration is required. Attendance is required for the award of credit – CR. A student who attends less than 75% of the course will receive no credit – NC, on their transcript. Tuition for continuing education classes is published online. Charges vary depending on the course, content, length and administrative costs. The Division of Continuing Education works closely with state licensing agencies, such as the Texas Department of State Health, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, the Texas Department of Insurance, among others, to help ensure that students who enroll in certification classes receive up-to-date training. Upon successful completion of a continuing education course, students receive continuing education units (C.E.U.s). For every 10 hours of classroom time, the student earns one C.E.U. These C.E.U.s are transcribed and available to the student upon request. The college meets the requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, as well as the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in awarding C.E.U.s. Contract courses are available to business and industry through customized training, as well as the regular continuing education courses. Navarro College can provide complete or supplemental training onsite to help enhance employee skills. For a listing of available continuing education courses, contact the Division of Continuing Education at Navarro College.