Executive Officers

Dr. Richard M. Sanchez, District President

Dr. Kenneth Martin, President, Ellis County Campuses

Ms. Carol Hanes, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ms. Maryann Torres Hailey, Vice President of Student Services

Ms. Teresa Thomas, Vice President of Finance and Administration

Dr. Harold Housley, Vice President of Operations and Institutional Advancement

Ms. Sina Ruiz, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Effectiveness

Ms. Marcy Ballew, Vice President of Human Resources

Mr. Roark Montgomery, Athletic Director

Academic Deans

Mr. Terry Peterman, Interim Executive Dean of Academics

Dr. Eileen Hamby, Executive Dean of Business, Professional & Technical Education

Mr. Christopher Cleveland, Dean of Business, Professional & Technical Education

Mr. Guy Featherston, Dean of Health Professions

Dr. Linda Timmerman, Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities

Ms. Christina Mims, Interim Dean of Sciences, Kinesiology, and P.A.S.S. Program

Ms. Kristin Walker, Dean of Student Services of Ellis County

Dr. Joel Michaelis, Dean of Navarro College South

Ms. Terry Gibson, Academic Dean of Ellis County

Dr. Alex Kajstura, Dean of Midlothian Campus

Mr. Tim Kevil, Dean of Libraries

Mr. Michael Davila, Dean of Student Guidance

Ms. Darla Littrel, Dean of Workforce and Continuing Education

Mr. Matt Miller, Dean of Online Instruction/Professional Development

Employee Directory

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