American Honors Program

The American Honors program at Navarro College helps motivated students transfer to their dream school to earn their bachelor’s degree. The Honors program cultivates in-depth learning through individual inquiry and encourages high-quality performance. Honors courses are interactive and emphasize critical thinking, analytical writing, and effective speaking.

The American Honors program is not a separate track or major; students matriculate in a Navarro College degree program and take Honors courses toward fulfillment of their general education and program requirements.

Students possessing a high school diploma (or equivalent) – including new students, continuing students, and transfer students – should apply directly to American Honors at Navarro College. To be eligible to enter the American Honors program, students typically have a cumulative GPA of what is equivalent to a 3.25 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale, must be enrolled in a transferrable degree plan, and be full-time students. To graduate with the Honors Diploma, students must accumulate a minimum of 24 credit hours of Honors courses and maintain a 3.25 GPA. Students who do not maintain full-time status, a 3.25 GPA, and make consistent progress towards 12-24 credit hours of Honors courses will be placed on probation for one semester. Should students fail to meet the minimum standards with the probationary semester, they will be removed from the American Honors program, including forfeiture of associated benefits with the program.

All successfully completed American Honors at Navarro College courses are identified on student transcripts. Students who take these classes are exceptionally well prepared for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, for scholarships, and for success in their transfer institutions and career paths.

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